VIPER Consulting

Our Technical Core - The VIPER Mission

VIPER Consulting is deeply rooted in emergency planning and response.  Our consultants have spent decades serving in military and public safety leadership roles, and are prepared to share their experiences with you.   Contact us today, and let us help you make a plan!

Violent   Incident   Planning  Education   Response

Violent Incident Planning (VIP) Seminars

Active Shooter incidents, and other violent encounters, are going to happen.  Do you have a plan?  Our VIP Seminar is our signature program - it's why we exist.  Our team delivers this content in a highly effective, energy filled method that will leave the audience well informed and prepared to act, should they be confronted with a violent encounter.  Contact us, and get scheduled for a VIP Seminar today!

Planning and Consulting

Our team of experts is able to assist your organization with planning, education, and response to critical incidents.  Do you have emergency plans written out?  How familiar is your staff with the plan?  Have you rehearsed your plan?  How will your team perform when seconds count?  If you don't know the answers to these questions - we can help.  Contact us today for more information.