VIPER Consulting

The mission of VIPER Consulting is to provide organizations with the tools needed to protect their employees from  acts of violence in the workplace.  Our goal is to prepare organizations to detect, respond, and if necessary recover from violent encounters. 

--Your employees are your most valuable asset.  Let us help you protect them.--      

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The VIPER Mission

Active Shooter Response

Active Shooter incidents, and other violent encounters, continue to happen in the world around us.  Do you have a plan?  Our training programs are delivered in a highly effective, energy packed style that will leave the audience well-informed and prepared to act.  Contact us, and get scheduled for Active Shooter Response Training today!

Bleeding Control Training

Training for response to active shooter situations is incomplete if you do not include bleeding control instruction.  Traumatic injuries can cause a person to bleed out quickly, and their life will depend on the quick action of people around them.  Basic bleeding control training will save lives.

Emergency Action Plans

Emergency Action Plan

An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is your playbook for success when responding to emergencies.  It's also required in many cases by OSHA.  Let us help you develop and implement your Emergency Action Plan.

Workplace Violence

Every year, over 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence.  In 2016, violence was the third leading cause of death in the workplace! Our training provides employees with tips to prevent workplace violence, and also shares information to help recognize and respond to a workplace violence incident.  

Bleeding Control Kits

Essential bleeding control supplies, such as hemostatic gauze, gloves, and tourniquets must be available so lives can be saved when time matters the most.  Whether the injury is from an accident, or violent encounter, a bleeding control kit can stop life-threatening bleeding until EMS arrives.  Our team can help you select and deploy these kits.

Leadership Development

Crisis Management, Contingency Leadership, and other Leader Development Programs Coming Soon!  Our team has been teaching leadership theory in different settings for years, and we will begin providing those services to our clients very soon.  Stay tuned and let us know how we can meet your needs.