Active Shooter Response Training

Do You Have A Plan?

Planning for the worst case scenario is something that is often overlooked.  Our Violent Incident Planning Seminars are the reason we exist.  Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants will deliver material that could save your life. 

Active Shooter Response Training - Basic

This two hour basic session is perfect for smaller groups.  This intimate presentation will introduce the attendees to the VIPER system, and provide them with lifesaving information about active shooter response, and violent incident preparedness. Our consultants make this experience very interactive and personal to the attendees.  Have a large group? Consider our Keynote Presentation!  

Active Shooter Response Keynote Presentation

Our Keynote Presentation usually runs about two hours and is designed for larger audiences.  This presentation provides the audience with information that can save lives, and is delivered in a highly energetic manner by our consultants.

VIPER Signature Training Program

The VIPER Signature Training Program is our signature program, and usually is scheduled for four-hours.  This session is more personal and interactive, and provides attendees with the information needed to recognize threats and respond to an Active Shooter situation.  Additionally, attendees will receive training in emergency bleeding control techniques.

VIPER Workshop

The VIPER Workshop is a full-day interactive workgroup.  We will work with our clients to develop the curriculum that best meets the needs of the intended audience.  A typical VIPER Workshop expands on material introduced in the Signature Program, and includes actual workspace evaluations, leadership case studies, emergency action plan development, and much more.  

Consulting - The VIPER Solution

We are prepared to help you develop a customized solution, using our VIPER system.  Contact us and let's get started.

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